Monday, April 26, 2010

Transplant Day

Well, it's 5 am, and can I just tell you, if you ever plan on donating your liver to someone, Ambien is not gonna cut it. I'm not exactly sure how much sleep I got last night, but I know it wasn't much. My stomach has been gurgling and screaming at me all night. I've been awake for at least the last 45 minutes tossing and turning. The first thing I see when I click on Facebook on my Blackberry is a prayer and blessing post on my long-time high school friend Wendy's profile. Thank you Wendy, and thank you Cristal for the late night post in response to my blog post last night. I'm so thankful to have known you both for so long.

Just as I finished typing that last sentence, the phone rang. It was Melanie from church. I saw the name on my phone and just started crying. She prayed for me and Cayden over the phone. I told her I'd talk to her when I was coherent again.

So here we go. Off to Stanford Hospital for this miracle of all miracles. I get to give a part of me to a "son" whom I love so much. Do you think this means he's not really my stepson after all?

Thanks be to God! I'll talk to you all when I'm coherent again. :)


  1. I think it means he is not your step son because he literally has a part of you in him :) Prayers are with you today!
    (Tristan's mom)

  2. I know you won't be reading this until after the surgery, but I just wanted to let you know that I've been covering you guys in prayer today. I also told as many people as possible to pray. I know God has both you and Cayden wrapped in his arms and is guiding the surgeons' hands. I can't wait to read Dan's blog and see how it went.
    Valerie Zorn

  3. Just want you to know that we have a prayer chain here at our church in Tacoma, WA and we are praying for you and your son. You are being well covered in prayer around the globe. God bless you!