Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Fog Lifts (Slightly) With Just 3 School Days Remaining

Driving home from work this evening (at ten to 7!), I noticed that I felt a little more "with it" compared to the last few days. I think knowing that we are just days from departing gave me a kick in the rear end that I really needed to get those last few things finished at school in preparation from my sub. I've literally been wandering around my classroom after schoool, leaving things half done all over the room since the middle of last week. It's such an annoying thing to have happen for someone who is normally so organized. I finally think I am ready to go on the school end of things.

A funny thing happened today. Apparently the staff at my school was planning a special lunch for me tomorrow on our half day since this is my last week. It was supposed to be a surprise, but I was inadvertantly included on the email distribution list, hence no more surprise. After getting a phone call from Meghan explaining how I was NOT supposed to have gotten that email, I ended up laughing hysterically while my kids sat waiting and wondering what could possibly be so funny. Of course, once I got off the phone, I had to explain to them what had happened. They all seemed to think it was pretty funny, too. One of my boys who believes himself to be in charge of the world saw Meghan in the hall a little bit later and was sure to "remind" her that she blew the surprise! Way to rub it in, kiddo. :)

As the week wears on, little surprises have shown up from my students. I received a couple of pairs of those fuzzy soft socks with the grippers on the bottom from one of my little girls. I told her that I have them with my things to take to the hospital, and I'd definitely have the warmest feet ever! Today one of my boys gave me some coffee, candy and the most heartwarming card from he and his mother. She's the kind of mom who every teacher wants who seems to give me that "lift" just when I need it.

I can tell that I am not the only one affected by my rapidly approaching last day. Every Monday we do a 5 minute free write before we start Writing Workshop. I set the timer and everyone (including me) writes in a spiral for the entire 5 minutes. The only rule is that you have to write the whole time, but kids can write about anything that is on their minds. I thought I was a basket head when I started getting all emotional about writing about friends of ours who stopped by on the weekend to bring big bags of gummy bears and gummy worms for Cayden and a bag of candy for me. Little did I know what was on the minds of a few of my students. I've included the journal entries of two that were read in front of the class (all grammar and spelling mistakes included).

"I am scard that Mrs. Luce will get hert when she will go to the hospetle to give her son a liver. but she spent a lot of time looking for the best techer. I am so so plesd that she is givin her son a liver and I am happy that she is doing this. She is so nice doing this. I am sad that she will be leaving on Friday. I hope it dos not come pretty soon." - Chenoa

"Mrs. Luce is my teacher at school. She is the bestest teacher I have ever meeted. She helps me in math, writing, and test. She is nice. She lets ever one talk when it is there trun. She makes sher that ever one lerns something in math. She helps kids in reading. Mrs. Luce is caring and loves to read. Mrs. luce likes all of her presents. She is the best." - Adrianna

And a couple of recent paragraphs from two of my boys . . .

"I have a couple of reasons why I like Mrs. Luce. First, Mrs. Luce is extremely smart. She is good in math. After that, she is very funny. She says she is fired. Finally, she is very brave. She is going to exchange her liver with Cayden. She is cool." -Seth

"Mrs. Luce is cool. First, Mrs. Luce teaches math. Our math is fractions and fractions are hard. Next, she also teaches reading. We used to read about space. Space was the most fun so far. After that, writing. Writing is pretty fun, but I am writing about Mrs. Luce. And I'm sure about Mrs. Luce. Mrs. Luce is crazytastic." - Dustin

Boy, who taught those kids how to write? ;) Truly, what you see above is what makes it all worthwhile. As a teacher, you are a hero to your kids. They think you're great at EVERYTHING. It cracks me up that they think I am so great at math. Frankly, I didn't really like math in school and am very critical of myself as a math teacher.

With three more days to go, I wonder if I'll need to break open another box of kleenex. I promised my kids that since I will be gone on May 15th, Friday we'll celebrate my birthday early so they can celebrate with me! I guess I'll be making cupcakes on Thursday night.

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