Wednesday, April 21, 2010

"I'm not mental . . ."

Anyone who knows our family well knows that Dan loves to make the most ridiculous voices. Sometimes he keeps going until he's satisfied that I am laughing so hard there are tears streaming down my face and my stomach aches. Imagine him right now with a doofy look on his face shouting out the phrase "I'm not mental!" Yep, today was my appointment with the psychologist, and I am happy to report that nope, I'm not mental. As a matter of fact, he's cleared me from a mental/emotional standpoint for the liver donation. Well, that's a relief. Six appointments down, two more to go!

Ok, I want to know which of you from Washington sent the crummy weather down here? Seriously, the wind has been blowing, it's been raining like heck, and it's downright cold. Just when I thought I must have been crazy on Sunday (when it was 80 degrees) for bringing my new fleece jacket and shell from Eddie Bauer, I was thanking my lucky stars that I had both of them to keep me from freezing to death the last couple of days. At least we heard that tomorrow should be sunny again and in the mid 70's. Give us back our nice weather, would ya!

While Cayden was at school this afternoon, we took a little detour through 3 South, the wing where he stayed for the two weeks while we were here in February. We got a chance to visit with Wajma and Jenn, Cayden's two favorite nurses on the wing. These two really are great! They put up with the four of us parents and Cayden for an entire two weeks...and we can be a real pain. Anyone who can handle all of us deserves a medal! We received big hugs and it felt a little like "coming home". They were so excited to hear that Cayden will get his liver transplant on Monday, and that I am a match for him. Fortunately for Cayden (and us!), he will be staying in 3 South again, so I am pretty sure those two will duke it out for who gets to be his nurse while he's there for 2 weeks! Wajma promised me she'd come visit me over on the Stanford side of the hospital when I am recovering. :) We are so blessed to be surrounded by such a caring hospital staff!

My mom and Don and my dad and Patti all arrive on Saturday. I'm so glad ALL of my parents will be here to support me during the surgery. Between them and all of our family here in Menlo Park, we'll have quite a rooting section waiting for us during the surgery!

Tomorrow's the all important pre-op appointment with my surgeon and the pre-anesthesia visit. I'll be finding out all the specifics of the surgery and probably more than I really want to know. One thing I do already know and forgot to mention yesterday, I will be in the ICU for the first night. Jessie, the Donor Advocate, said I will most likely wake up from anesthesia still intubated and with soft restraints on my arms so I don't freak out and rip the tube out of my throat...gross! I'm glad she at least prepared me with that bit of information. I can totally see myself "freaking out" if I didn't know this ahead of time. Dan will be with me at the appointments tomorrow since Cayden will be at school during that time. He's the one that remembers all of the medical details after I've zoned out from information overload.

Today was day # 3 without coffee. I finally broke down and had a decaf latte just so I could feel like I was drinking a "real" coffee. Getting through the day without coffee is a day without my giddy up and go. I hope by tomorrow I'll have gotten over the caffeine can only hope!

Tomorrow's Thursday - I can't believe how fast this week has been chugging along. I guess Monday will be here before I know it. Thank you and hugs to all who have posted comments and have sent private messages of encouragement. It means so much to me knowing how many are constantly thinking about us and lifting us up in prayer. If I haven't already mentioned it, Dan will be posting surgery updates on Monday the 26th on his blog .

Until tomorrow . . .

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