Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Cross that one off...oops, never mind!

For those of you who know me well, you totally get that I am an organized, anal list maker. The good news about this obsession is that when you're trying to keep track of all the things that must be done in order to be gone for two months, it comes in quite handy.

Imagine my relief yesterday having finally come to a decision on a substitute for my classroom yesterday, only to end up practically having a heart attack today. I love my second graders and am very protective of them. In my mind, the sub I had chosen was perfect. Picture this...I walk into my boss's office this morning for a pre-observation conference at 7:15. Yes, today was my "formal" observation day in math (my least favorite subject). The first thing he says is that he has some bad news about the sub situation. There's an issue with the sub's certification that would be very difficult to work around. Oh no!!!!!!! I can't start over, she's the one I wanted for my kids. I know she would be able to relate to them, and believe me, my class is not a piece of cake. After fretting about it all day, I begged him to call Human Resources to see if we can make it work somehow. Patience is not a virtue that I possess when it comes to things like this! We shall see what happens tomorrow.

Spring Break is just two days away, but next week will be far from a "break" for me. I will have exactly two teaching weeks left and it also happens to be the end of the quarter. Not only do I get to write all of my report cards, I need to clean out an organize my cupboards and storage areas in my classroom so my poor sub will have places for all of my stuff currently being used. You know those commercials when the person opens the closet door and everything falls out on top of his head? Yeah, well that's what a few of mine are like. I won't torture the sub that way. It just doesn't seem fair, now does it? ;)

I did actually get to cross one thing off my list today...a place for my mom and stepdad to stay! They'll be able to stay in the home of one of the ladies that goes to the same church as Dan's sister and brother in law. Their church has a special hospital homestay program for families of patients at Stanford who are from out of town. Gail, who has a place about 4 miles from the hospital is as sweet as can be. I spoke with her by phone today for quite awhile. She wanted to know all about Cayden's situation. She asked how to spell his name so her church small groups could pray for the two of us. I can't wait to meet her. The funny thing is, apparently I didn't follow "protocol" for getting housing. I was supposed to go through my social worker at Stanford rather than get in touch with the church housing person, but it all ended up ok. I told Miriam, the social worker, she had permission to slap my hand when I see her on the 19th at our appointment. She just laughed.

I'm so glad my mom will be there to support me while I'm in the hospital. Of course I'd want Dan with me all the time, too, but I know that Cayden needs his "daddy" during this time. I don't know how Cayden is feeling about all of this right now. Every day that brings us closer brings a new butterfly or two in my stomach. If I didn't feel a little nervous, I wouldn't be human, right?

Hopefully tomorrow brings good news about the sub situation...

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